Car Frame Repair in Tullahoma

When a vehicle collision occurs, there is a lot to deal with unexpectedly. If the collision is serious enough, there is a good chance that your car has experienced misalignment and frame damage. It is important to have frame issues addressed by a certified professional right away to ensure that you are protected in the case of a future accident.

The team of professional technicians at Hogan's Collision Center has been providing expert vehicle frame repair and auto frame straightening in the Tullahoma area for years. We have the specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment needed to get your car straightened out and back on the road in no time!


Auto Body Frame Repair

Although frame damage may not always affect your ability to drive the car, it can cause other issues such as:

  • Tire failure
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Danger (in the case of an accident)
  • Suspension problems
  • Uneven steering

Frame damage can vary greatly depending on the severity of the collision and the make and model of your vehicle. Before our team can get to work fixing the issue, we must first get a thorough understanding of the damage at hand.

Auto Frame Assessments

We always begin our services by giving your vehicle an in-depth assessment from top to bottom. Once we have an understanding of the extent of the damage, we can get an idea of the tools and techniques needed to realign and re-fortify your vehicle. We will also be able to provide you with a clear and accurate estimate of the full cost of the repair.

Car Frame Straightening

If any of the individual car parts are damaged, we will begin our services by removing these parts, and welding new parts back to the frame. We will then prepare your vehicle for straightening.

Auto Frame Straightening Machine

Any garage that offers frame repair should have a frame straightening machine. This specialized equipment is imperative to properly repairing frame damage. Regardless of whether your car is on a unibody frame or a ladder frame, the straightening machine with clasp onto your vehicle and carefully coax it back into its original shape without further damaging the steel.

Hogan's Collision Center: Your Automotive Frame Repair Experts

At Hogan's Collision Center, each of our team members is fully trained and has years of experience working with car frames. We will carefully work on your vehicle to accurately restore its shape, stability, and reliability, so you can feel safe enough to get back on the road.

The Best Auto Frame Repair in Tullahoma

If you have experienced a collision, it is important to work with a trusted team of auto repair specialists moving forward. Work with Hogan's Collision Center, the best in Tullahoma.

Not only will we work hard to repair your vehicle at a good price, but we will also ensure that your vehicle is safe and fortified against accidents in the future.

To set up a comprehensive assessment and to get an estimate today, give us a call!