Lynchburg’s Leading Collision Repair Garage

If you have been involved in a collision of any type then you will already know how stressful a situation it is. The initial shock of the incident is soon replaced with fears for the safety of fellow passengers and determining if anyone has been injured. Thankfully, most collisions that take place in Lynchburg are minor and do not result in serious injuries to the passengers involved. However, the same is not always true for the vehicles involved.

The range of damage that a vehicle can experience in even the most minor of collisions is significant. This can include anything from scratches and chips to the paint and windshield to more serious bumper damage or dents to the body of the vehicle. In some cases, interior damage to the engine, transmission or suspension system can take place. This can be a lot to take in especially after the stress of being involved in the collision in the first place. However, help is at hand.

Situated in the heart of Lynchburg, Hogan's Collision Center has provided an award-winning collision repair garage service for drivers across Lynchburg for years. Our trusted reputation, flexible opening hours, wide range of payment options and regular discounts mean that we can do it all. Being involved in a collision is a traumatic experience, but don’t make it worse by choosing the wrong repair service. Call us today and let us help you get back on the road in no time at all.

The Garage That Does It All

Our unrivalled workmanship, close attention to detail and competitive prices mean that when it comes to fixing your car after a crash there is only one number to call. Our garage can take care of every aspect of post-collision care. This includes a 24/7 towing service, skilled paint work, dent and auto glass repair services, and any repairs to the mechanics of your car, including brake, transmission and engine issues.

At Hogan's Collision Center we never make promises we can’t keep. That is why when we say we will do something you can rest assured knowing that we will. Our prices are always competitive and our opening hours are flexible and accommodating. Our number one priority is and always will be you, our Lynchburg customer.

Honest Approach, Real Results

At Hogan's Collision Center we pride ourselves on providing the most honest service possible. This means that when we assess your vehicle after it has been involved in a collision, we promise that we will consult with you every step of the way. What it also means is that we will always try to repair and not replace. Finally, when you choose us you can rest assured knowing that we will never upsell just for the sake of it. If we say your vehicle needs X or Y to get back on the road then we promise that this is the truth.